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To the Shores to Remember

DDAY-2Today marks the 70th anniversary of D-Day. In Normandy, solemn ceremonies, commemorative concerts, and festive events will take place to mark the Battle of Normandy.

During WWII France was a no-go zone for travelers but thankfully things have changed. We can visit that country, along with England, Germany, Poland and other parts of Europe once ravaged by war because of the men and women who stepped up. The anniversary of D-Day draws travelers worldwide. Tourism to this area gets a boost through tour companies, river cruises and individual sightseeing. History buffs, politicians, relatives of soldiers, and the small number of veterans still alive who fought that bloody battle are drawn back to France and to the beaches whose beauty should be solely reserved for pleasure but where brave men lost their souls.dday-nomorewar

For anyone raised without a father or relative who fought in WWII, this day may hold no significance whatsoever. Despite the victory for the Allied troops, for anyone interested in traveling back to understand what went down that day, Memories From Normandy are letters written by American, British, Canadian, and German veterans. They offer a personal glimpse into a day most would run from.

Today’s wars are fought differently but have created no-go zones in different countries that we may have once visited but might never step foot in again in our lifetime. Hopefully, one day that to will change.

But for those who sacrificed their lives, today we remember.article-2336753-1A29700E000005DC-945_964x569